Concept Note

Call for Papers

Concept Note

   The inter-linkage between the concept of human security and the challenges of implementation of its goals has acquired a new meaning and wider significance in the last couple of years due to some unavoidable global phenomena. The post-pandemic global economic slowdown is faced with other challenges from war-torn areas like Ukraine, Gaza, Myanmar & failed states like Pakistan & Afghanistan. The direct fallout has been the growing challenges of providing & maintaining of health, food & economic security for the population-cutting across borders as well as barriers of class, caste, colour, gender, religion & ethnicity. From a perspective of governance, it requires efforts, money, planning, collection & analyses of data from the ground level, a clear understanding of economic & social vulnerabilities of communities, region- specific requirements & a concerted effort by all the stakeholders - public & private- to hold up a joint architecture to meet the challenges of human security of a broad nature & on a wide scale.

  In the 4th Annual IIHSG International Conference on “Human Security & Global Governance” will try to find the seriousness of challenges, the nature of responses available & the model of governance required to thwart these challenges from a human security context.

  India is doing really great in managing human security, especially environmental security. So special session will be dedicated on India’s visionary ideas and path-breaking activities & achievements.

Sub-themes of the Conference

  • Traditional & Non-Traditional Security: Theory & Praxis
  • Regional Security & Role of India
  • Women Security & Governance
  • Child Security & Global Governance
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Environmental Security
  • Human Security & Law
  • Human Security Management
  • Human Security in Science & Technology
  • Changing Dimensions of Human Security & Governance: India & the World