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Concept Note

   In the post-pandemic world, non-traditional securities like human security and environmental security are taking pivotal role in the policy framework. Previously, national security was the ideology and thrust of nation-centric international order, while human security was the ideational basis of a people-centric world order underpinned by a global civil society. But during pandemic, when all traditional defence mechanism failed to secure human beings, that time the importance of non-traditional securities like human security have started to take attention of nation-states. Previously, human security captures the essence of an alternative conception of global governance, in which civil society plays a leading role. But now different countries are coming forefront in securing human development as well as achieving sustainable development goals.

In identity politics also human development and human security nexus are becoming tool to combat identity-oriented demands of partial and full autonomy. Both in national and global governance, we can easily underline this paradigm shift.

After getting Presidential role of the G20 on 1st December 2022, India whole year engaged in establishing to upheld the goal of shaping and strengthening global architecture and governance on all major international economic issues with special reference to sustainable development goals.

In this International Conference on “Security, Identity & Global Governance: India & the World” we will try to address the issues related to different types of security and identity and how they can be resolved by global governance. A special focus will be on the role of India in this matter. The goal of this Conference is to improve the standards of the international community of academicians, researchers, scholars, and scientists by exposing them to the latest trends, developments, and challenges in the field.

Sub-themes of the Conference

  • Traditional and Non-Traditional Security: Theory and Praxis
  • Identity Politics: Theory and Praxis
  • Security, Identity & Global Governance: Theory and Praxis
  • Security, Identity & Global Hegemony
  • Security, Identity & Global Governance: Recent Trends
  • Security, Identity & Global Governance: Gender Perspective
  • Child Security & Global Governance
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • G20 and Security, Identity & Global Governance
  • Security, Identity & Global Governance: India & the World